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Divorce Divorce

Are you looking for a qualified attorney to be with you every step of the way with your divorce? At The Heinrich Firm, we understand that there are different types of divorce. No matter what kind of divorce you are going through and what category it falls into we are with you every step of the way. Contact our office to figure out what category you fall under and how we can help.  


•  Easy - We hope that you and your spouse can get along and have an easy divorce. Unfortunately, we know everyone hopes for that and in many cases this isn't the case. An easy divorce is when you and your spouse have agreed to the divorce, agreed how to split up and property and debts that exist, and agreed on a custody plan for the children. This type of divorce is best for everyone involved. It is easier emotionally with less time spent being stressed over the divorce process and any issues. With this type of divorce, you can count on The Heinrich Firm to guide you through the process by letting you save yourself money by doing "homework" on your own and stepping in to help if issues arise.  


•  Hard - Unfortunately, many of our clients come to us because they are going through a "hard" divorce.  We sympathize with clients facing various issues that make a divorce a "hard" one. These more difficult divorces often are when certain issues are in play: one party doesn't want to separate yet, one spouse has committed infidelity, disagreements exist on what to do with the children, and issues exist in regards to money and/or debts. Sometimes cases like these require other professionals to help guide the litigation. For example, counselors may be brought in for help with the children, forensic accountants to determine if there is any hidden money/accounts, evaluators to assess property value, and/or private investigators to determine if indiscretions have occurred.  


•  In-between - Most divorces are in the "in-between" category. In these scenarios, a divorcing couple can communicate and are trying to get along. They are not embedded in a tumultuous angry separation. For the most part they can agree in some areas, and in some areas they can't agree. They are willing to talk through the big issues that they don't agree on. The Heinrich Firm will help you and your soon-to-be ex talk through those big issues and decide the best way to resolve those specific issues while considering your individual situation, the status of the law, and the judge on your case.

Second Thoughts for Divorce Law

•  Reference – calendars, diaries, any notes

•  Financial/proof of income(s) – financial accounts, including pensions, 401-K, savings, statements of credit cards, or other debts, paycheck stubs, bank statements, tax returns for the last 4 years, inheritance, business records and tax returns, monthly expenditures: before and after separation of you and your spouse

•  Legal – agreements between you and your soon-to-be ex, prenups, recent settlements, contracts, powers of attorney, copyright or trademark documents, wills, records of any past court cases, insurance policies

•  Property – mortgage and pay off statements, deeds, or documents of property you own in addition to home, itemized list of properties to be split

•  Assets – car titles, inheritance or gift tax returns, investment documents

•  Goals and questions - goals regarding your divorce: starting with most important to most insignificant, any questions you have about the divorce process


You can read more about our divorce- first thoughts and representation. We can also help in every step of the way with custody cases. Call our professional law firm with questions.

First Meeting Checklist for You and Your Spouse

Questions about what you will need to bring with you for a divorce consultation? Call:


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To learn more about what you can expect when filing a divorce, watch this video that was done for the Kentucky Justice Association.