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Are you and your partner considering a divorce? Are you looking for a respectable and compassionate divorce attorney to guide you through the processes of divorce law? The Heinrich Firm is here to help you and your partner navigate the complexities of divorce.


Do you have concerns about your impending divorce? Divorcing couples are often worried about their children, their finances, and how they are going to get through a divorce. We understand that no two divorces are alike. The answers to your questions depend on the decisions you and your spouse make and how easy you two can agree on things and the choices you make. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach decisions that will work for you and your family's needs. Contact Attorney Rene Heinrich for qualified divorce counsel.

First Thoughts for Divorce Law

We have the experience and knowledge to help you and your spouse through any kind of separation/divorce including:

•  Traditional divorce

•  Collaborative divorce  (see more below)

•  Mediation training and experience

•  Counseling referrals

•  Special training as a Guardian ad Litem (lawyer for children)

•  Practical everyday advice on handling the stress of being separated/divorced


Attorney Rene Heinrich is compassionate when it comes to helping her clients. She will help with learning how to deal with daily aspects that come about after a divorce. She can help a client learn to braid their child's hair and make a budget as a single parent. She will also help you recognize and utilize all of the available avenues and resources. You can trust our legal counsel for everything from negotiating, to mediating, to arbitrating, and going to trial as efficiently as possible.

More on Collaborative Divorce


Questions about our divorce law service? Contact:


Divorce Law Representation

What is collaborative divorce? When a couple wants a more dignified, almost holistic method of getting a divorce, we urge you to please investigate the collaborative law process. In a collaborative divorce, both sides are in agreement to try working together, along with their lawyers and any other professionals, to settle in a satisfactory agreement. Learn more about collaborative divorces at:



We understand that divorce can be easy or hard depending upon a couple's willingness to agree or inability to do so. Read more about divorce and our divorce- second thoughts and checklist. You can also learn more about our custody law services. Call with us with questions.

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To learn more about what you can expect when filing a divorce, watch this video that was done for the Kentucky Justice Association.